Posted by Joseph on Aug 2, 2017

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What do you first notice in a person, the first time you see them? Some look at the eyes while others tend to focus on something else. Others simply have flawless, smooth and young-looking skin, despite their age, that is why you cannot help but stare at it. Skin, especially women’s, is noticeable especially when the person is caring for it at all times. Pollution is one cause of skin damage and aging. It is unfortunate that the world today is a lot dirtier than it was years ago and free radicals are just about everywhere.

It is almost impossible to find a single place that is free of dust and pollution. The skin is not the only part of the body that is affected with it but the entire well-being of a person. How do you battle this if it is unavoidable? There is only one chance in surviving this. You need to make sure that your body, from the outside to the inside, is being protected. There are vitamins and minerals that can help maintain that healthy body, including the skin.

Eating a complete and healthy meal all the time will prevent you from getting wrinkled and dry skin. Instead of consuming chemical-based supplements, eating fruits and vegetables that are high in Vitamin C will give a better result. Food like cucumber, oranges and berries will greatly enhance your skin’s glow. It will rejuvenate it and return its natural smoothness and shine. Apart from the food, it is also necessary for you to keep a healthy lifestyle which includes regular exercise and complete rest. A good night’s rest will help give you a fresher look. Going natural is really a good choice because you wouldn’t be placing yourself in a dangerous situation since all these are risk and chemical free.


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